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You are ready for advanced features of Stickyroll

Time invest: 5 Minutes ––– 👩‍🎓 Level: Intermediate

What to expect

Sometimes it is hard to build additional features into existing libraries. Stickyroll provides various options to make this very easy. In about 5 minutes we will build a small PageCounter that displays the current page.

We will …

  • … install an additional stickyroll package
  • … create a new file with a component
  • … add the component to our existing app

You'll need

You should have finished at least the first course.

Building plugins with decorators

Follow these 3 simple steps to build your first Plugin.

1. Installing Decorators

While in your app folder my-app, run a single command:

npm install --save @stickyroll/decorators

2. Creating a Plugin

Create a file my-app/src/PageCounter.js in your text editor and paste this code.

import { page } from "@stickyroll/decorators";
import React from "react";

class PageCounter extends React.Component {
    render() {
        return (
                <strong>{}</strong>{" "}
                of{" "}

export default page(PageCounter);

3. Using the plugin

We can now use the plugin to replace our previously local implementation.

All we need to do is replace the following section

<strong>{page}</strong> of <strong>{pages}</strong>

with this new Snippet


and import our plugin

import PageCounter from "./PageCounter";

Your App.js should now look like this:

import React from 'react';
import {Stickyroll} from '@stickyroll/stickyroll';
import PageCounter from "./PageCounter";

const headlines = [
    "Hello World!",
    "Hello React!",
    "Hello Stickyroll!",
    "Let's continue with the next lesson!"

const App = () => {
    return (
        <Stickyroll pages={headlines}>
            {({pageIndex, progress}) => {
                return (
                    Progress: <strong>{progress}</strong>

export default App;


Next steps

You can now repeat the same process with {progress} from "@stickyroll/decorators".

In this case we want to replace

Progress: <strong>{progress}</strong>

with this new snippet


You should now be able to do this on your own.

You can now continue with this course.

If anything is missing or seems unclear feel free to open an issue in our github repo.

Thank you