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Browser matrix

Stickyroll uses modern browser features and is therefore limited to these browsers. (Other browsers might work but are not being tested)

  • Chrome: last 2 versions
  • Firefox: last 2 versions
  • Safari: last 2 versions
  • iOS: last 2 versions
  • Opera: last 2 versions
  • Edge: last 2 versions

Stickyroll is tested in various environments. With the help of Browserstack and Karma tests are run on actual machines.

Browserstack remote tests:

Thanks to the Browserstack open source offer we are able to test multiple browsers and platforms to ensure the best stability.

  • windows 10
    • chrome 68.0
    • firefox 61.0
    • edge 17
  • os x High Sierra
  • chrome 68.0
  • firefox 61.0
  • safari 11.1